Paul graduated from the University of Portsmouth in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science (hons) degree. He soon specialised in both Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging, gaining postgraduate qualifications in both.

In the UK Paul worked at major teaching hospitals within the National Health service as well as assisting large universities with research projects. His main focus was on cardio-vascular and Neurological imaging, in particular acute stroke, Alzheimer’s, working-age Dementia, Neonatal head injuries and viability studies.

Paul has a passion for merging the realms of research into daily clinical practice to ensure the most accurate diagnosis can be made in the shortest time to ensure the best possible outcome for his patients.

Paul moved to NZ in 2012 to work at a large teaching hospital in clinical CT and MRI. Eighteen months later he started a role with GE healthcare as a CT and MRI applications specialist for ANZ. This gave Paul a great deal of knowledge into the future of both modalities.

Paul returned to clinical practice in a clinical lead role where he has fused teaching and clinical MRI.

Paul comes to Matai with a wealth of knowledge and experience in both clinical and research. He is looking forward to assisting the team to provide world-class radiology that pushes the limits of both research and clinical MRI.