Medical Physicist & Senior Lecturer (University of Auckland, Department of Anatomy and Medical Imaging), Principal Investigator at the Centre for Brain Research, PhD Radiology (University of Queensland). Dr Samantha Holdsworth is a medical physicist with 19 years of experience in MRI acquisition, post-processing, and analysis. After 11 years at  Stanford as a senior scientist, she returned home to Gisborne to establish Mātai, with the goal of making a difference to lives in her community. Samantha has successfully translated a variety of her MRI methodologies to clinical practice through her streamlined image reconstruction methods, leading to better detection of brain disorders and disease. She is a pioneer of fast, high resolution MRI methods and amplified MRI (a new method of visualising brain motion). Her key research interest is in the application of novel imaging technologies for the early detection of concussion/mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) and obstructive disorders of the brain.