16 Oct 2020 - 17 Oct 2020


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Brain & Heart Day

Join us October 16/17 in Tairāwhiti-Gisborne at the A&P Show for 2 days of hands on Brain, Heart, MRI other activities. Learn about some of our key research projects.

Thanks to the Centre for Brain Research (CBR), we’ll have a walk-through inflatable brain, borrowed from Brain Health Research Centre in Otago. This interactive will help increase the understanding of brain health and disease. The brain shows various structures and function of the normal brain, as well as examples of brain trauma and disease. An expert will be on hand to explain the brain and answer all your questions.

Come and see how MRI works for yourself by seeing one in action on a made in New Zealand miniature system.

Wire yourself up to a robot and learn how your brain is sending electrical signals to control your muscles.

To promote eye health and our research, we will have a camera available to take pictures of the retina, which can be mailed out to share with your optometrist.

Learn to build a compass with House of Science.

Did you know that your brain cannot feel pain? That brain scans can detect if you’re in love? That your eyes actually see the world upside down? Or that some people can survive the removal of half of their brain?The Being Brainy team from Brain Research New Zealand (BRNZ) will have a range of fun activities for our tamariki. You’ll learn about the amazing things your brain can do and can try your luck at one of our fun brain experiments. You’ll also get to meet some real-life brain scientists and have the chance to ask them all the burning questions you have about how your brain works (or sometimes doesn’t work).

Learn about the Brain Bee Challenge for Y11 Students. A great way for students to learn about the brain and its functions,  neuroscience research, and spark their interest in STEM and careers in neuroscience.

The Auckland Bioengineering Institute will showcase virtual brain and virtual heart projects, as well as breast cancer screening work. These projects integrate medical image analysis with machine learning and biomechanical modelling to support better detection, treatment, and outcomes.

Alzheimers New Zealand will offer 20 minute on-line education programmes around Dementia.

We would also like to thank the Brave Hearts Exhibition and Doug Makinson for help and ideas for fun heart activities.

A&P Show tickets will need to be purchased to gain entry to the Mātai marquee.


We have incredible support from a number of groups providing activities and other support. We are seeking a main event main sponsor to help with costs and to help us build additional activities to inspire our tamariki and rangatahi.


A huge thank you to our current supporters.





The event is finished.


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