• World-leading research to enhance medical imaging capabilities using advanced software, image-processing, and machine learning.

Mātai is a not-for-profit research centre with a focus on medical imaging. Our research will advance our understanding of the brain, heart, and body to deliver health, social, and economic benefits regionally and globally.
A core focus will be on concussion/mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) and cardiovascular research, alongside projects across a range of issues that impact the well-being of our community.

Our Community

MRI allows us to see inside the human body, providing non-invasive insights into injury and disease. It has great potential to further our understanding of brain and heart diseases. Using state-of-the-art MRI technologies and leading expertise, Mātai is focused on enhancing health outcomes for our community, particularly conditions that disproportionately affect Māori.
Our location, at the Gisborne Hospital/Hauora Tairāwhiti ensures strong collaboration between scientists, doctors, and Iwi healthcare providers. These close collaborations will help us lead innovations in healthcare.
Our role extends beyond research: Mātai’s goal is also to inspire our people through career opportunities, training & education.

Community Health

Our whānau will have access to advanced equipment and expertise, resulting in earlier diagnosis and treatments.

Social Impact

Head injuries impact mental health and incur a social cost and impact. Our research could support studies on mental health and others.

Inspiring Our Tamariki

Mātai will offer training, scholarships and future opportunities for our tamariki.

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